Welcome to Pushkar Meditation Temple

Pushkar Meditation Temple is the only Yoga Alliance registered school in Pushkar. It is a unique wellness institution where yoga and meditation are practiced, taught and researched as complimentary disciplines and spiritual sciences. The practice and teaching is based on the ancient Raja/Ashtanga Yoga system of sage Patanjali, the source of all kinds of yoga that are practiced today under different names and garbs.
The yoga + meditation practice/teaching at Pushkar Meditation Temple is broadly divided into three streams:

  • Redefining Yoga + Meditation Teachers Training

Pushkar Meditation Temple offers the most comprehensive and practical yoga teaching course in India with equal emphasis on bahir (outer) and antar (inner) yoga or meditation. As the students in each batch are very few, it is like private teaching with everyone getting individual attention and space for a immersion course. No wonder, the course is getting raving reviews and is being rated and touted as the best in India.  
The carefully crafted course and syllabus go way beyond the syllabus prescribed by Yoga Alliance. There is equal emphasis on learning and teaching.
What differentiates a teacher trained at Pushkar Meditation Temple is her/his confidence and competence. Most of them start teaching/training immediately on completion of the course.
At present Pushkar Meditation Temple offers Yoga alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training Course (RYT200).  

  • Teacher Training in Himalaya

RYT200 course in summer (April and May) moves from Pushkar to Swamiji’s ancestral village Sirar, in the northern mountains with a stunning view of snow-peaked Himalayas. With maximum four trainees in each batch the interface is close enough with each student getting individual attention. Other features that include the fresh mountain air, an amazing meditation-walk-trail, natural spring water, locally procured organic foods and vegetables and pure dairy are unique to this course.
With commercials flights scheduled to commence to Pithoragarh (only 10 km from the venue) before the end of 2018 the remote location becomes easily accessible. The location is: village; Sirar, Post Office: Nainipatal, Dist Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand) India-262540.
To find out the availability and reserve a seat in our RYT200 TTC with Swamiji in Himalayas please send an email to swamiji@meditationinpushkar.in.

  • Therapeutic Application of Yoga + Meditation for Health and Healing

Cause of every suffering is rooted in Avidya (Ignorance). What is Avidya? It’s to believe that we Body (matter) and not Soul (spirit). The ultimate goal of Yoga is to elevate people to higher spiritual plane and minimize the grip of maya (illusion), the cause of all suffering and remove the veil of ignorance. This calls for a disciplined and individually tailored yogic routine.

To this end Pushkar Meditation Temple conducts a 7-Day Immersion on Yoga as an Applied Science of Health and Healing! The ancient “Soham” Meditation Technique that is central to the Immersion accelerates the difficult process of transformation.

The immersion helps healing from specific health (physical and mental) issues resulting in sound mind and robust health.

The actual transformation takes place as mind becomes more spiritual than material. Soham meditation plays an important role in this journey from gross to subtle.

Immersion fills up personality cracks and sends people back more healthy, happy and content.

  • Restoring Yoga + Meditation into Daily Life

Pushkar Meditation Temple also offers 2 hour integrated packages that combine Asana, Pranayama, Dharana (concentration) and Dhyana (meditation). Serious seekers are also taught Kriya, Mudra, Bandha and So-Ham sadhana. Kundalini and Laya yoga are taught as supportive disciplines.
There are four packages:

  • 1 - Session Introductory package
  • 3 - Session Basic package
  • 7 - Session Intermediate package
  • 14 -Session Immersion Package
  • 21- Session Advanced package

Quick Find
Fees for various courses
(Non-refundable unless the course is cancelled by Temple management.)

  • -Yoga alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training Course (RYT200). -
    ₹ 85,000
    (course fee + stay & food)

One-week Therapeutic Application of Yoga (TAY) Immersion
₹ 35,000
(Immersion fee + stay & food)

The three-week Yoga Alliance registered (RYT200) Yoga Teacher Training Course starts on 1st of every month.

The one-week Therapeutic Application of Yoga (TAY) commences on 23rd of every month.

The 2 –Hour Daily Integrated Session (DIS) comprising Yoga + Meditation is every day from 8 to 10 am. (from 1st September to 31st March)

"We cannot build enough hospitals to take care of all the sick people in the world but we can reduce the number of people getting sick through yoga + meditation."



Yoga + Meditation 2 Hour Daily

  • - 21- sessions - ₹ 5000/-
  • - 14- sessions -  ₹ 3500/-
  • - 7- sessions -  ₹ 2000/-
  • - 3- sessions - ₹ 1000/-
  • - 1- session -   ₹  500/-