PMT Global for alumni Support and Placement

Pushkar Meditation Temple provides logistic support to its alumnae to start their own yoga studios. Itt also helps then jobs as yoga teachers/trainers.

PMT Global actively seeks association/affiliation with yoga schools/studios around the world and helps make their training more authentic and spiritual.

Pushkar Meditation Temple offers volunteering opportunity for assistance in its activities in empirical and other research and developing material for yoga as a spiritual discipline.Pushkar Meditation Temple is actively involved in community affairs that include Water/Lake Conservation, Clean Pushakr Drive and Plantation.Therefore Temple also seeks volunteers for these environmental friendly activities.

Swamiji holds the scriptural belief that human beings have no reason to suffer and the cause of all suffering is Avidya (Ignorance). Unless the veil of ignorance is torn apart and we realize our true Self (Soul) there is no escape from suffering, Toward this goal of a world free from suffering Swamiji advocates a new revolution that he calls Soul Revolution. It entails that each one of us strives for our birth right – to be happy by recognizing our true Self and declares I’m Soul. Soul knows no suffering.

Pranayama Mudra Retreat in Portugal
with Swamiji

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We as human beings have always undermined the velocity of change! I witnessed my grandfather, father, me and now my son getting swept away!