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What the young people from different countries have to say about Swamiji?
Didier Vb
Brussels, Belgium (Jan 10)
This man is amazing! So wise, spiritual & in peace. He gave me my first yoga lesson, enriched me by some great tales about Indian culture & let me feel relaxed just by his calming voice. We had a really great time! I'm regretting not to have spent more days with him. But he is welcome anytime in Belgium or Croatia! It was a real privilege to meet him!
Yun Joh
Jeonju, South Korea (Jan 8)
I only can say, you are the lucky one if you have a chance to be hosted by him or simply meet him. Even though he was not in town, I wanted to meet him so much that I even attended a 10 days meditation course to extend my stay in Pushkar while waiting his return. And it was totally worthwhile (the course too)! I felt so peaceful around him that I tagged him around almost whenever I could during my stay in his temple :) I wish you all the luck to meet this wonderful person.
Liis Themas
 Tartu, Estonia (Oct 25, 2011)
I truly believe that I was very lucky to have met Jagdishji, since he had a lot of spiritual influence on me. Actually he encouraged me to look deeper inside myself and continue my journey within. He also has the kindest eyes in the world! :)
Viсtor Stvol
 Vilnius, Lithuania (Oct 1, 2011)
I don't have words to express my gratitude and love for Jagdish Ji. So amazing He and His wife are!!! Pure love, light and peace radiate from them. It was one of best experiences during my two-month trip in India.

Dear Jagdishji! Dear Swamiji! I stayed in your home only for few days but I felt being part of your family. In four days you and your beautiful wife with her shining face have become my Papa and Mama. Please, accept my humble obeisance.

Thank you for enlightening me. Thank you for taking me to the Buddhist Stupa in Dehradun. Thank you for extremely delicious Indian food which I had in your beautiful and peaceful home. Thank you for unforgettable walks at the bank of Holly Ganga! These will always stay in my heart.

I wish you continue enlighten people from all corners of the world, to spread message of love and peace!

Om Shanti

Maria-Liesbeth Kaitsa
 Tartu, Estonia (Jul 21, 2011)
My stay in Rishikesh was one of the most memorable parts of my Indian trip. It was refreshing to experience and learn from Jagdishji. He has a big heart and there is a place for everyone in it. Thank you for giving me food for thought and sharing your views of life.
Priit Kaasik
Tallinn, Estonia (Jul 7, 2011)
Visiting Jagdishji is much more than just an ordinary spiritual experience. He is a man worth listening to. His words are still inspiring me to live more virtuous life and to achieve deeper understanding of faith. All my best wishes to him!
Sten Aavel
Tartu, Estonia (Jul 7, 2011)
Hari Om! Staying with Jagdishji was an amazing spiritual experience. Conversations with him made a lasting impact on my life philosophy and helped me to redefine the purpose of my trip to India as well. I think I have never met a person who is as wise, experienced, open-hearted and self-realized as he is. He pushed me a little closer to realizing The God Within. The impression he made is now also imprinted within my eternal soul. And I have a strong feeling that I will return to him in some way for more lessons.
Giovanni Bagni
Florence, Italy (Jun 18, 2011)
Jagdish Ji is a wonderful person with a deep knowledge and a great soul. He and his wife made me feel home when I was at his house. He showed me a lot of amazing places and we had very interesting spiritual talks. He gave me good advice and he always had an answer to my questions. I really hope our paths cross again one day. Thank you Guruji. God bless you.
Scott Davidson
Bristol, United Kingdom (Feb 6, 2011)
Jagdish-Ji is one of the loveliest people I've met. He would not stop giving to us. He would cook us breakfast, lunch and dinner, drive us to meet friends, call friends to help arrange other things, act as tour guide, just endless giving from Jagdish-Ji. Thoroughly enjoyed my time with him.


Jagdish-Ji, you are welcome in my home anytime!

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