Daily 2 Hour Session

Daily 2-Hour Session

Swamiji conducts a daily 2-hour yoga + meditation session from 8 to 10 in the morning (except on first Saturday of the month). The yoga style is Raja Yoga, the fourth main yoga path (Karma, Bhakti and Jnana being the other three) and the source of all kind of yoga that is practiced under different names and styles. Raja yoga also called Patnjali yoga, Satyananda yoga, Adi yoga and Ashtanga yoga approached yoga as a pure spiritual discipline. Therefore the session is very different from what you normally expect in a typical yoga studio.

The session begins with breath observation, chanting of AUM nine times (Omkar Vritta) and chanting of yoga mantra.

In the asana section 6-8 asanas are practiced synchronized with breath and awareness on a physical point or a chakra.

In shavasana we practice meditation, mainly ancient Soham meditation.

In the next part of the session we do 4-5 pranayamas.

Asana and pranayama are usually different in each session. However, the structure remains the same.

We formally close the session by sharing the benefit with those who need it more than us, chanting AUM three times, chanting the prayer for universal good and shanti mantra.

Questions if any are answered in the end.

The sessions are priced as follows:

1 Session Rs. 500
3 Sessions Rs. 1000
7 Sessions Rs. 2000
14 Sessions Rs. 3500
21 Sessions Rs. 5000
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